Infinity Métis Corporation and Buffalo Inspection Services form a new Joint Venture

Fort McMurray, Alberta – Buffalo Inspection Services and Infinity Métis Corporation (a subsidiary of McMurray Métis) are very pleased to announce their recent formation of a Joint Venture – Buffalo Infinity. This new partnership is to provide Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) services in the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo (RMWB). Both Buffalo Inspection and Infinity Métis leadership have extensive industry experience and are committed to working together to provide local employment and training opportunities for the McMurray Métis and Indigenous citizens of RMWB.

Infinity Métis Corporation is a locally Métis owned and operated company that is part of the Métis Nation of Alberta. With regulatory support and engagement, Infinity Métis Corporation and McMurray Métis represent a community of about 800 members. Infinity Métis Corporation has an active and knowledgeable base of representatives that work and volunteer within the grassroots level of the local Indigenous community with the vision of supporting the Métis people of the RMWB in community, business, and social well-being for today and tomorrow.

As one of Canada’s largest independent NDT providers, Buffalo Inspection Services (Buffalo) has the capabilities, geographic reach, and experience to fulfill new construction, Integrity, and shutdown NDT requirements. Buffalo has been providing a full range of NDT services across Western Canada for more than forty years. Buffalo is proud to support a wide range of upstream, pipeline, midstream, and down-
stream operating entities with cost-effective, certified, and experienced NDT professionals.

“We’re excited about this partnership and the opportunity it presents in terms of training, employment opportunities as well as long term investment for the McMurray Métis community.”

-Shawn Myers, CEO of Infinity Métis Corporation

“We are extremely pleased to be joining Infinity Métis Corporation’s strong group of industry partners and we look forward to having a positive impact for the Local 1935 members through our partnership”.

-Mike Ciprick, CEO of Buffalo Inspection Services


To learn more about Buffalo Infinity and the diverse scope of their industry partners, please visit the following website:


For Further Information:

Mike Ciprick, CEO
Buffalo Inspection Services
PH: 780-222-6752

Melanie Walsh, Social Media and Events Coordinator
Infinity Métis Corporation
PH: 780-838-3260