How do you become a Level 2 NDT in Alberta?

To become a Level 2 NDT certified technician in Alberta, you must complete a certain amount of work experience, as well as training and education. In addition, you’ll need to pass written and practical exams.

The amount of relevant work experience you need to become a Level 2 NDT in Alberta depends on which NDT method you wish to be certified in.

For ET, RT, and UT NDT technicians, 9 months of experience is required to become Level 2 certified.

For MT, PT, and VT NDT methods, 3 months of experience is required.

To verify that you have completed this work experience before taking your examination, your employer must provide evidence on your Application Form for Non-destructive Testing Certification. This form must then be provided to the NRCan Non-Destructive Testing Certification Body (NDTCB).

It’s important to note that only 25% of this work experience needs to be completed before you can take your practical exam.

Keep in mind, a different amount of work experience will be required for different NDT levels.