What are the benefits of NDT film digitizing?

The benefits of NDT film digitizing include portability, accessibility, organizational benefits, preservation, and enhanced imaging. In terms of portability, digitized NDT film allows you to move files anywhere, at any time. This, in turn, means the files can be assessed more easily by peer reviewers, auditors, customers and NDT Level 3 personnel. When the film is digitized, it also allows you to archive images along with other important information such as RT reports, costing reports, location information and related documents, making for a more organized archive. Digitized images can be preserved much longer than conventional film - for internity if needed. While physical film will deteriorate over time, digital images can be preserved with no loss in quality. In addition, the digitized film will allow you to view, manipulate, enhance and zoom in on film artifacts. Something that is not easily possible with traditional film. At Buffalo Inspection Services we offer complete digitization services at affordable rates. We have the best NDT Technology available for your film digitizing.