Nekaneet Joint Venture Recently Formed

The Nekaneet First Nation and Buffalo Inspection Services are very pleased to announce their recent formation of a Joint Venture and long-term partnership.

Nekaneet First Nation (NFN) is a self-governing Indigenous community in Canada with the traditional territory that it has occupied since time immemorial. It is now described as being located in southwest Saskatchewan, including the Cypress Hills area. After contact, Nekaneet were signatories to Treaty 4 signed at Fort Qu’Appelle in September 1874, for as long as the sun shines, the grass grows, and the river flows. NFN is entering into agreements with industry partners (like Buffalo) to: (i) steward the Nekaneet traditional lands, (ii) promote, preserve, and protect Nekaneet languages and cultures, and (iii) improve the self-determination, health, safety and well-being of Nekaneet members by creating the conditions for greater health and prosperity at the individual, family and community levels.

As one of Canada’s largest independent provider of Non-Destructive Testing (NDT), Buffalo Inspection Services (Buffalo) has the capabilities, geographic reach, and experience to fulfil new construction, Integrity, and shutdown NDT requirements. Buffalo has been providing a full range of NDT services across Western Canada for more than forty years.  Buffalo is proud to support a wide range of upstream, pipeline, midstream, and downstream operating entities with cost-effective, certified, and experienced NDT professionals.

Nekaneet creates Joint Venture with Buffalo Inspection Services“We’re excited for this partnership and the opportunity it presents for our Nekaneet community in terms of training and employment opportunities for our members as well as a long-term investment in our community.”

-Chief Alvin Francis, Chief of Nekaneet First Nation

“We are proud of forming this new relationship with the Nekaneet First Nation, and it represents a positive milestone on Buffalo’s commitment to collaborate with the Indigenous communities in the areas in which we operate.”

-Mike Ciprick, CEO of Buffalo Inspection Services


For Further Information:

Mike Ciprick, CEO
Buffalo Inspection Services
PH: 780-222-6752